Our Model

Our Model:
Gender Justice League believes that trans people have the power to produce the solutions to the problems facing our community as a result of systemic gender-based oppression. Based on this belief, our model is to create a social justice movement for trans and gender non-conforming people based on community building, education, leadership development, and advocacy efforts. We attempt to do this work in a cross movement and intersectional approach that recognizes the multiple identities and experiences that each trans person is living. We seek to organize in as flat and transparent a way as possible. In 2015, Gender Justice League formed a new Board of Directors, and as a first step our initial board was made up of our leadership team. In 2016, we will explore ways to make our board more responsive, transparent, and representative as possible.

Our Values:
We are actively working on educating ourselves on being allies to and working on seeking racial justice, economic justice, immigration justice, first people’s justice, and ending oppression based on ability. To do this we seek to create a supportive community that is both evolving collectively and striving individually to support each other by building strong personal relationships and  human connections that are the source of undoing oppression. Through these relationships we seek to challenge ourselves and each other to engage in intentional processes of understanding how oppression is perpetuated and has lead to the widespread discrimination, violence, and poverty experienced by many trans and gender non-conforming people. We work hard to build and support trans people of color in leadership and to actively dismantle our internal structural inequality – we are receptive to feedback both on how our programming and processes might perpetuate injustice.

Decision Making:
Gender Justice League is an open membership based organization that focuses on issues faced by trans, gender queer, queer, and gender non-conforming people. We are working in alliances to address other systemic oppression at the intersections of trans, gender queer, queer, and gender non-conforming identities. Since January 2015 – Gender Justice League has become a board based non-profit. We host board meetings on the 3rd Sunday of each month at Agnes Underground – these are open to the public and membership.  During the board meeting the staff and board members also give updates on projects, solicit feedback and ideas from members, and take recommendations for support, sponsorship, or new projects.

Committees & Project Areas:
Gender Justice League is organized in set committees and ad hoc committees. These committees meet on a regular schedule. You can read more about these committees in on our Projects page.  Each committee is chaired by a board member (a legal requirement!) but are open to everyone. This is a great way to dig into a project you are really interested in.  Be it Education & Training, Trans Pride Seattle, Advocacy, Fundraising & Budget, or Communications.

We strive to make as many decisions collectively as possible and committees report back to the board of directors – however all members opinions carry equal weight in our work. Any three members can propose a new project – though all new projects must be approved by our board.

Strategic Planning Process:
With feedback from members and the trans and gender non-conforming community at large, GJL creates multi-year strategic plans to help us organize our resources, build effective programming, and stay focused on our core goals. We periodically have strategic retreats to either develop these plans or evaluate and modify them, all members are welcome. We are currently formulating our new three year strategic plan from 2016 to 2018.

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